Awarded Second Place in the Action/Adventure Category in 2017 Mill City Press Author Awards


Reviews from online purchasers:

Wonderful read.


Fast-moving action. Teenage romance. Requires moral decisions in real life.


Well done. Good coming of age story. Inviting title. Feels authentic to its time. Well-rendered characters. Artful descriptions.


Readers of any age will not soon forget this coming-of-age story that conjures up nostalgia as well as heavy implications for the modern generation and beyond.


This is a very entertaining read! It is a great look back at California and private-school life in the 1960s and at the thought-provoking issues of the times. The author raises important questions about morality and citizenship, while the compelling plot keeps the reader engaged. I especially liked the author’s portrayal of strong female characters throughout the book – especially Lucille and Priscilla.


I very much enjoyed Honor Code – it will appeal to anyone who has gone to boarding school or anyone who remembers the Vietnam era, or anyone who is interested in the mix of ethical and spiritual reflection that this book offers. I found it a real page-turner and couldn’t put it down. Enjoy!


Honor Code is a debut novel for The Readers Exchange contributor Hugh Evans, and it’s a good one… Events place Gary and Priscilla, as well as Gary’s school friends and the Blake family in positions requiring moral and important real-life decisions. The story lines merge well, tensions build, some unlikely heroes emerge, and the story culminates in a satisfactory fashion. The dialogue in Honor Code was cleverly designed to shed light on some of the issues of the 1960’s and readers will enjoy reading just how Gary’s dilemma plays out.  – The Reader’s Exchange, March 2017